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Its not like that all from the Peoples are long haired Hippies, what are into such Devices, i just think on that at "S. Marks" and his TPU, Ed Grey, Dons Smith, Stan meyers ..

For J. Newman seems it was even the opposite, that he refused to take money, for a non-disclosure contract.
I don't really know what they got suddenly such strong faith, maybe its the moment when they see what is possible, and they got a faith?
But it doesn't help them anyway to get more investors, business has nothing to do with faith and i doubt you got more chances when you are a strong believer, even the opposite, you get maybe easier cheated.

And for weed, you should maybe inform yourself better, it was once a campaign, what was started at the 1920-40 against it, and second, its not even that worse like alcohol with its adverse effects at much situations, beside it seems have some positive effects on mental sick persons. The other claims about it are, that its a starter drugs for harder drugs, but i think its anyway like, when someone is into drugs, it doesn't really matter what he takes.

But anyway, you seems did want to indicate, that its always some weirdos, what have a unusual device with unusual claims.
I don't know, what makes them weird, that they are in a public position and have to prove her claims over and over again for some nay-sayers, what mostly more then obvious refuse to believe that something works, with the only reason, that it is not in her book.
I think talking to much with such peoples what refuse to think normal, can make you some strange too.

And i don't know, what all the studied technician do, for me, i saw them already laughing at the Joule thiefs, because this guys feel all so smart and don't bother with such minor devices or simple DC-motors, even the JT ie saves energy and can help great at charging batteries, but sure, thats "nothing fancy" for them. Maybe because they know its nothing fancy for them and you cant make some money or honor with it.

Maybe also, that the guys, what look already nuts are the one, what are not trustworthy and make herself public ridicules
are less dangerous for the one what don't want to see such devices.
I just remember a story about 1 Guy what had a little box with few transformers in it what showed OU, but he never disclosed it, never showed plans from it and was not known anywhere with his real name.
So, maybe there are more peoples out what did figure out a few things, just noone see them because they are simple not known.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.

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