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Joe Newman

The work of Joe Newman has not been properly validated. It has also not been proven to be wrong. The question is still open, in my opinion. I bought a copy of Joe's book, The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman, years ago and studied it intensely. In the book, he tells and documents the shoddy treatment he received from the science and engineering community. He did experiments and built machines that nobody else has replicated, but people have built similar machines at a smaller scale that did not live up to their expectations and just like that are convinced that Newman is a fraud.

I don't have the money to duplicate his work, but I will not jump on the bandwagon to say he is wrong. I want to see the results for myself before I reject what might actually be a wonderful technology.
There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.
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