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I personally try to avoid signing a non-disclosure agreements on workable energy because
I feel that We should have food,air, water and energy without over control by monopolies.
Because the system is too far corrupt the devices must be public unencumbered projects
that can be built by everyone.

But those who engineer or manufacture new and useful products are entitled to equal footing with the patent system regardless of size and status and this requires non-disclosure. But in most cases the product is denied opportunity by corrupt use of financial, media and legal system. Since some are aloud this senario is operative then success of the small cooperative ventures has value.

If someone puts a plans out in the public domain there is usually no motive other than to share their work with those willing to build it. As you begin to gather materials to replicate it is usually a misunderstanding of the functional details that becomes a challenge possibly a costly revision. When parts are available and everything is laid out then a successful build will add support that the experiment did or did not work as claimed.

It is a good reminder not to sign a non-disclosure. Alek and Newman made some information public and if it is useable it should not
involve private intellectual property however the copy right and patent pending sometimes are parked waiting for investors who
often insist on claiming any associated property rights.
Ethical or unethical I am not aware of any evidence of mistrust.
I focus on the quest to build and share a real over unity device with the goal to conserve oil.
The world consumes 95.3 Billion barrels of oil per day.

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