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Happy to hear that someone is replicating the " multi-spark gap. " experiment by William Alek.

Looking at the 90 turn set up with 2 carbon arcs cop = 1038 % being so much higher than just 1 carbon arc that give cop = 100%.

His tesla like step down transformer that uses a ferrite rod is fairly efficient and reduces the VHV (very high voltage) down to a resonable level. In an earlier article from tesla tech conference 2006 he refered to these waves as successive electrum validum EV waves.
The EV's might be refering to Ken Shoulder's EV's: Ken Shoulders' Electrum Validum
Bill Alek said that these waves are collected by the low loss 10 uF capacitor.

I think the timing of charge and discharge into a battery may be tricky. The battery is not alone and the capacitor is faster than the battery.

A good page to copy
Multi-Spark Gap Experiments

Joe Newman good to hear he gets ackowledement for his work.

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