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Well consider this, NEWMAN was around in the 70's blowing his
horn on his motor while I was still wet behind the ears and no
one has the secret to this day.

The death bed confession days might reveal an answer unless
the family will be in jeopardy after his death. Or if NEWMAN
took an OATH of silence for $$$$, we don't know.

I completely understand the fear of slaughtered loved ones so
I am not slinging mud here. Once a thug has body slammed
you against the wall at gun point your disposition means very little.

I lived in Detroit and have been held at gun point, Jungle Knife over
trifling tiny amounts jingling in my pockets and I understand fear.

Men like NEWMAN have tried to bring their invention out little
by little for one reason or another to share it with those who
are willing to grease palms for his hard work of inventing.

Again I think this is only fair, NEWMAN like all inventors
should receive some sort of compensation for the efforts
of invention but many have stolen things like this right out
from under the nose of the guy who created it.

NEWMAN was in the news when I was playing hop scotch
and jumping rope. And I'll be 60 soon.

Now let me answer the question.

NO, not all low level nuclear reactions will pollute and completely
level our planet. This is what the nuclear cartel would have us
believe while they are dumping radioactive waste by the mega-

I know guys who claim low level nuclear events produce 1200
percent COP's all from an HHO water capacitor but the crude
(So to speak) developing at the bottom is so tiny that it is never
dumped out.

Cold fusion is another low level Nuclear reaction that is harmless
and clean but again our brainwashing micro-managers would have
abandon all such devices in favor of the dirty filthy radionuclide.

Sure carbon and tungsten have always been part of the average
experimenter world who search for Tesla's dream. I wouldn't look at
it as if this is all a dead end.

"The event" like in the Gray Tube or the spark gap can play a roll
in the conversion process. The problem is that we jump from one
conversion process to another without ever knowing what we are
really doing.

We are working blind. The commutator battery chargers use carbon.

The list is very long.

Keep up the good work, you will see all of these idea repeated in
many inventions. Carbon arcs and tungsten are only a few.

Next are the carbon and or metals arcing in the presence of noble
gases or a vacuum. Regardless of the "EVENT" location harvesting
extra energy is possible. Some say the event works for them under
water or in open air.

The carbon arc is quite a powerful event.

Some claim that the junction of a transistor is operating like
a sparkgap because it does create a specific event.

I would have to agree with them all.

NEWMAN probably has a Non disclosure Agreement if you are
willing to sign on the line, but then you are not finding out
anything on your own so you would be in danger of a jail
sentence if you told anyone.

These agreements are binding and keep you and others from
sharing the information and the energy cartels prevail.

If it ain't one thing it's another, just part of the "same ole" thing
decade after decade. Once you understand that people have
been so frustrated not finding the answers they go on the
inside of these agreements for life, just so they can get the

Then any of their work from that time forward that is built on
the ideas they were given are also part of the secret.

Stay free and experiment on your own, don't get horn swaggled

Originally Posted by wantomake View Post
Does the transmutation only happen using thoriated tungsten and carbon graphite rods?? The video said OU happens with the use of the spark gap. Which is low level nuclear reaction. Isn't that what we are trying to get away from. Energy sources that pollute. Or am I over reacting??

I built the Newman motor last night(very small version) and was happy it works. But as I study more today on this device, it seems to gain more with a spark gap?? I thought the coil collapse spike recycling was enough to power this device?

I can experiment and answer these questions, but what do you think?

Another dead ending,
Will study more

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