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Why should a spark gap be a nuclear reaction? It doesnt need 2 materials, what react to each other.
Its more like that its like to toss a stone into water. As faster it is, as the higher the water injects.

I wrote once a mail to J. Newman and asked about some things from his Motor, and someone replied that the commutator should be critical.

I build already a few and asked myself all time again, for what this thing is good for. I had 1 time a success, that i started with dead Batteries and charged empty batteries to a certain charge.
That happened for me with about 10-15 layers, starting with about 74 1st layer, then increase each winding with 8 until 116 windings then back down to 74 again, around something like that.
Well, it was more like a fun-try, but it strangely did work, even without this complex commutator, what shorts and connects and switch the poles from the coil.
I assume, that this shorten should create a field, what then give a better spike, when you connect the coils fast enough again.
But i tried something like that too, and for me it did more slow it down then make something better.
Not sure if it would make a difference, if you make the switching electronic or mechanical. J. Newman is just no technician, and building the commutator like this was probably the easier and faster way.

I and others made some with lots wires, with less wires, but none of them really did work, so i dont think, the spark gap makes the difference, but more the arrangement of anything.
From the picture above, i was thinking about, if the magnets have to be more like a window motor, not that much in length, but more broad arranged.

Even that thread starter here seems assumed, it needs a primary winding with thick wire to drive it, and a secondary winding as first layer, what is shortened, to create that strong field.

But well, as a sidenote, a field what is created from magnets is way stronger then one what is created from wire.
So, when someone want to build a good DC-motor, he takes maybe better magnets for one side of the windings between stator/rotor.
But well, the newman motor itself is something special, because with a lot of windings, it becomes something like a self-moving motion with the eddy currents from the lots copper around it.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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