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Originally Posted by socratus View Post
1. God does not create this Material World directly Himself.
2. To create Material World and everything in It, God uses Spiritual Particles.
3. The modern name of these Spiritual Particles is Quantum of Light.
Quantum of Light is most phenomenal particle in the World.
Quantum of Light is the structural essence of the Material World.
The essence of all material objects is Quantum of Light.
Through the behavior of Quantum of Light we can understand
what an Absolute God has the Highest form of Consciousness.
I couldn't agree more!

To point 1, 2 & 3:
And God proceeded to say: “Let light come to be.” Then there came to be light. After that God saw that the light was good, and God brought about a division between the light and the darkness.  And God began calling the light Day, but the darkness he called Night...

He [God] delivered us from the authority of the darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of his love [the Light],  by means of whom we have our release by ransom, the forgiveness of our sins.  He [the Son] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation;  because by means of him [the Son] all [other] things were created in the heavens and upon the earth, the things visible and the things invisible, no matter whether they are thrones or lordships or governments or authorities. All [other] things have been created through him and for him.

Jesus [the Son] spoke again to them, saying: “I am the light of the world. He that follows me will by no means walk in darkness, but will possess the light of life.”

“Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.
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