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It's things like this that confirms all of my suspicions
about free energy patents and inventions. Hardly anyone
is getting the complete story.

I have looked at and for invention to appear for 45 years
now and the only useful clear detailed device I see offered
for the last 20 years is what John Bedini has shown.

The rest of them all hide everything in plain sight. The inventors
keep saying "ITS MINE ITS MINE" for about 30-40 years
hoping to get that big money ship to ride on that never comes.

What people need to realize is that once any effect or invented
machine is first uncovered that it might take 200 years to perfect it.

Maybe 20 other people over many years. The patents are all lies.

Generally what we hear that is really real is something on a death
bed confession where the inventor is momentarily in some kind
of grief stricken crocodile tear jerker stating how he should of
this and he should of that.

The sound is still reverberating "ITS MINE ITS MINE" 150 years later.

Now back to the blurry picture

That diagram comes from where? I have seen stuff that is called
NEWMAN motors all over the YOUTUBE. Sort a reminds me of John's
window motor.

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