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Exclamation Men as Utilities

Men as Utilities

Originally Posted by Sandman
Is male utility about nature or is it about nurture? This is the question I'm asking today. And I'm hoping to provide some new insights as well as some additional questions. What I want to know is, are we men hard wired to be useful and help others or are we selfish beings only interested in gorging on Twinkies and playing video games all day? Or perhaps are we a combination of both selfish and selfless as I suspect? Since I've decided to not seek out a relationship and provide utility value to a woman in some strange way making these videos on a daily basis makes me a utility to my viewers. And any subscribers, comments and money I make from it is kind of form of external validation of that utility. I think that's one of the reasons that many of us that produce MGTOW videos do it. I'm also doing it to learn about myself and think through the issues we've had to deal with in the past. So it's a combination of being selfish and selfless. And is it possible to replace the fulfillment many men get from being providers to women and children with something else? I think this is one of the core issues as the center of men going their own way. How do we reach self gratification without taking care of a wife? Most of you probably know about the inventor Nikola Tesla. This was the man that didn't marry and invented Radio, electricity, basic computer circuits and the grid. These are all the basic building blocks of the information revolution. Without these technologies there would be no internet and therefore no practical way for men to communicate our ideas without women putting a stop to it. But Tesla was still fulfilling the basic value of a utility because he nurtured the civilization around himself and made it blossom. But at the same time his own personal life took a backseat, much like many husbands do when they get married. Not getting married or having a family meant that he needed to replace the role of being a utility for a family with becoming the utility for something else. I think that we as men need to understand that genetically we are hard wired to help others but how we use our efforts is our essential free will. I believe that we should work with our biology instead of fighting against it. If our biology is telling us to care of someone or something and nurture it then we need to do that otherwise we won't find that deep fulfillment. And I know most of us are looking for that balance in life. Even if we say we are not. Thinking about the whole surrogacy issue I know many of you have heard me speak about in the past I'm guessing that because I'm no longer being used as a utility to a woman I have been trying to reinvent my sense of male purpose. I guess that's why I've spoken about surrogacy because it allows me to become a utility on my own terms. I would have a higher degree of control raising a child on my own. And I would probably fulfill some deep personal biological desire.

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