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Fighting Father Nature

I've watched many of the MGTOW and related vids. Since women bear children, the centerpoint of their lives is security/insecurity. Since they are the weaker sex, physicaly, they try to compensate by pulling in the long arm of the law. They can withhold sex and affection without any legal consequences. If a man withholds support, there are legal consequences. Since women are obsessed with security, they are always demanding MORE. You have to remodel the kitchen regardless of how funtional and presentable it is.

A woman wants to be loved for who she is,,, a man for what he does. Since women are eternally insecure, they demand constant reassurance of their appearance and value. Men have almost no personal concern for many of the various demons that afflict women and find it meaningless to create these reassurances. How many men can walk past a mirror without a glance? How many wonen?
The centerpoint of their lives is a construct that has little meaning to the average guy.
In the Spanish language classified paper, Segundomano, ALL the women are looking for a "detailist". They want a guy who pays attention to every detail about his woman. This isn't our nature.
Our natures have always clashed. Women withold favors when they feel that we don't value them adequate to their personal view of their value. When a woman brings in the law to try to change our nature, we are repelled. Their self-worth picture can never stand to be reduced. Even when they buy pants that are 4 sizes bigger than they wore previously, they will still cling to their previous self-image.
Don't you dare point out any little truths.
The femenists didn't accomplish anything positive with their forced alienation. The current effort to legally assauge women's fears and insecurities will have even greater effect at alienation between the sexes.
I have 6 sisters. I'm raising 4 girls. I can see all the interplay.
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