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Oh it is far worse than that. I meet people in my work everyday.
3-4 mothers just in the last two years have told me that they
are under strict orders to vaccinate their 1 year old multiply
times in a month or their children will be removed because
the mothers are without husbands and on assistance.

Of course we know that these girls have rights under the USA
Constitution, but they often don't know their own rights.

Unless mothers file a legal one page letter exempting them
from these intimidating practices they are in fear daily.

The fear wears them out even when some of them have
already witnessed the convulsive reactions with high fever
each time the injections are given.

One of the mothers who talked to me about this had a child
critically ill for 1 year after the injections and the DDS is
still insisting that the vaccine had nothing to do with the
brain stem damage.

She is very young and will be on the move if workers begin
pounding on her door, she lives on the fringe now so she can save
her children from these deadly viruses.

She is still afraid she might lose her children so she complies and
then stalls when appointments come up.

The new laws will be implemented and a waver will no
longer be acceptable. Cival war is planned against the people.

Push them and when they stand up for their rights, shoot them.

Most people now are being programmed
to believe if I don't vaccinate my child then they are carries
who might be responsible for killing their children.

This is the mainstream programming. People today are very violent
on this subject and when the programming is complete next
of kin, family, coworkers will turn you in, have you locked up
for believing that forcing poison into our blood with a nettle is

The programming has people believing lies so that they could have
you arrested from a single anonymous phone call.

500,000 children disappear every year in this country, never
to be found again and the FEDS can't find their heads with both hands.

The mother I spoke with about this is the most valiant woman
I know, she would rather die than put those nettles into her
children and as normal as she is and willing to
follow instructions coming from so called authorities
she can't believe she is going against these new policies.

She wants to do everything right but affirms that there can not be
a right way to destroy your own child. Crippled thoughts and bodies
are clear results from these drugs/viruses.


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