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Actually Thank Dr.Steven Jones

Thx Ken

here is a bit more from Alan and Mr.Parkhomov [forward from Dr.Jones]

The system begins to produce anomalous heat at around 4-500C (as far as can be determined) but starts to ‘go critical’ and produce a more rapid thermal output at around 600/700C. then the thermal output takes off until you reach around 1000C. At this point the reaction may go ‘supercritical’ with a very rapid temperature rise until the fuel melts at around 1450+ . Even this is not guaranteed to stop the LENR process and there is a possibility of containment meltdown. Best to keep the temperature in the lower zone, perhaps 800-900 C

end Quote

Actually Ken we will be bringing a super simple and inexpensive test Protocol
to this forum [and others]in the next month.
the average fellow will be able to do viable experiments in this area
very soon.
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