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Originally Posted by totoalas View Post
Thanks Bro Mickey
Im trying to make as close as possible on Clarence desi9n
Since the output of the inverters are 110 v ac x 2 and in our country
220 v ac Live and Neutral ...... im planning to adapt the 220 v ac 60 hz


484 is your number for 60hz 234vac or 220vac some say 240vac.

Be sure you tell me the size of your toroids. If they are close to Bridgeports then you will be right on. It is the industry standard in most cases.

You will be right on.

Me and hitby are thinking send some ac into the captor at 30,000volts.

The captor excites AND injects ac power using rods then collects many times more from the earth.

But you are going to be away from this design so i hope everything works out. Gotta try something.
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