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Originally Posted by totoalas View Post
Thanks Level,
I just want the winding turns size for a 110 v primary since cores can easily be bought here in China

most are 22o v ac 50 hz primary Can this be applicable to the circuit also????

Im planning to buy on Sunday so just making sure i got all the info needed
If you are going to wind your own toroidal core no matter what Clarence tells
you then I can help you and others so they do not fail. Many people can not get the exact Bridgeport cores where they live and shipping would cost them $200 USD.

Clarence has also pointed out that a third transformer is not needed, however the tiny set of 2 loops electrically connected to the 4 input grounding stakes is technically the third transformer.

Yet Clarence is sure about his diagram having tested this already so please everyone stick to the diagram that Clarence has put up. What I have been doing separating individual circuit branches for your review may be misinterpreted as an open door for redesigning Clarence work.

It is not an open door for changing anything, just a segmented view to help us all get focused on Clarence layout a piece at a time.

If totoalas wants to wing it and wind his own primary for 117vac then he or I could call technical support and ask them how to wind our own and that is what I have been telling everyone that I have been doing for years.

Those guys don't care, they tell me what I want to know WHEN I buy a core, so if you are buying a core that is for 60hz operation at 300va then use 21awg wire and winding only half way around like the picture Clarence posted. If you live inside the USA and can get the cores cheap already wound for $125 each, save yourself the trouble.

If you are able to wind a toroid then you already spent the money on a winding machine and understand how hard winding toroid's are.

totoalas!!! you must look for the information on your core and yes 5.2 dia. Each core material supplier has a number that looks like this

Volts/turn= ???

At "Bridgeport" ALPHACOREDDIRECT it looks like this V/TURN@ 60Hz 15kG

Silicon Steel Toroidal Cores - In Stock

Look at this chart for P/N 110 there you will find a 5.2" O.D core listed. About $40 shipped inside the USA.
Next look at the Volts/Turn@60hz the number says .483

This means that each time you wrap a loop of wire around THIS specific core you will get .483volts

Now to find the number of turns is 117vac divided-BY .483 = 242 turns

Now if you are going to use a thinner wire to wind a 234volt transformer (117vac +117vac = 234vac) then you will need twice as many turns.

Maybe 24-25awg wire for 234vac operation at 484 turns at 50hz?

Are you going to operate at 50hz? If so you can not use 60hz winding information.

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