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Correct toroid specs before ordering

Originally Posted by totoalas View Post
hi bro mickey and Clarence
nice diagrams
toroid winding size
and info before i buy the core 5,2 inches ?
Hello totoalas,

go back to PAGE 1 - POST #6 to get the CORRECT toroid part specification!
it DOES NOT have a secondary winding on it!!! and that was the way I ordered it and use it!!! YOU- YOU -YOU are going to wind the secondary
windings on it which MAKE UP THE CAPTOR LOOP! (the 2/1/2 #4 AWG wire).

If you use the part information in recent post it will come with a secondary winding on it which will HAVE TO BE REMOVED. AND it will cost more for something you can't use!

I have tried to get that point across several times but I guess everyone keeps missing it! thanks Sir!

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