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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Yer alright Clarence.

Here I segmented your layout again to help folks like me visualize each
function or pathway of the circuit. Take away
the battery charging loop, take away the twin toroid exciter circuit and this is what you get.

Just a diagram segment to keep everyone thinking about the hook up path. I can see it so clear now.

Hello BroMikey,

You did well.
However there is always the possibility that some viewer will just look at the segmented schematic WITHOUT READING YOUR EXPLANATION and think that that is all there is to completing the device! the HURRY UP LOOK DON'T DON'T READ syndrome has been a pain in the tooch before.

If you were able to include ALL of the circuits IN COLORED FORM that would be a valuable TOOL for all the members.
I'll have to say that at present that's something that I DON'T know how to do!
So if you CAN - GO FOR IT! the members WILL appreciate it I'm sure!

Thanks Bro,

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