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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Thats the good stuff Wizzz..........

Check me out on this side, enclosed for serious builders is a foto

Here we see some inconsistances that I need to have cleared up.

I wind cores and the information does not jive with normal transformers.

The inverter to cores diagram has been altered to focus on the transformer
primaries connected to a 10awg wire. The question I have is this.

What awg wire in on those primaries? 21awg is standard. A 300va winding
generally uses 21awg. Please clarify if anyone knows about transformer windings. It is easier to call Bridgeport I understand, in the mean time we need to understand somethings about this system that we have overlooked.

The primaries are not taking much of the inverters power using a 300va
winding. And having the 2 primaries connected to a 10awg wire should not be a requirement with normal designs.

If you understand my question please feel free to answer or maybe Clarence can tell us that the primaries in fact do not use a 10awg magnet wire.

Thank you, Mikey
Hello @ ALL,

The transformer winding remains the same standard wiring that bridgeport magnetics uses. however after the wire extends so far out of the primary as to be practical I stepped it up to a #10 awg tinned multistrand wire.

Now why do you suppose ole sneaky Clarence would do something like that?
that word is my second name in life! after a short period during building
the SMALL wire leads would BREAK off at their terminals AND they wern't LONG ENOUGH to reach where I needed to CONNECT THEM!!!!!!!!! ALSO #10 has less resistance.

Get a grip people! Anything I do is ALWAYS PRACTICAL!

Thanks for listening!

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