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Originally Posted by level View Post
Hello BriMikey. The '10 AWG' marked on the schematic is obviously for the connecting wires between the two toroids, not an indication of the wire gauge of the primary windings on the toroids. The wire gauge of the primary windings would be whatever wire gauge Bridgeport Magnetics uses for their primary windings on their 300 VA rated toroids.
Thanks Level

I was losing grip for a minute. but you backed me up on this. The bridge port boys use 21awg. Or 20awg at the most for standard transformers but isolation cores are bigger making the overall look of the toroid seem like my 2000va units. The 300va core standard is 3.5" not 5.2"

This stuff is out there, 10awg wire powering a 21awg set of primaries?very interesting.

Mikey PS Level I am glad you filled in so many blanks for us.
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