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Originally Posted by ewizard View Post
I just hate to lose any current by being stingy on wire gauge. My 0000 (4/0) gauge battery cable for my inverter (that's a U.S. Quarter on top of the cable for size reference and also note it's welding cable that uses a whole lot of very tiny gauge wires) I know we all do what we can with what $$ we have but if you can afford the heavy stuff and especially for the short piece of captor cable I'd like to see what difference some extra heavy welding cable might make :
Thats the good stuff Wizzz..........

Check me out on this side, enclosed for serious builders is a foto

Here we see some inconsistances that I need to have cleared up.

I wind cores and the information does not jive with normal transformers.

The inverter to cores diagram has been altered to focus on the transformer
primaries connected to a 10awg wire. The question I have is this.

What awg wire in on those primaries? 21awg is standard. A 300va winding
generally uses 21awg. Please clarify if anyone knows about transformer windings. It is easier to call Bridgeport I understand, in the mean time we need to understand somethings about this system that we have overlooked.

The primaries are not taking much of the inverters power using a 300va
winding. And having the 2 primaries connected to a 10awg wire should not be a requirement with normal designs.

If you understand my question please feel free to answer or maybe Clarence can tell us that the primaries in fact do not use a 10awg magnet wire.

Thank you, Mikey
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