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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Bout it they act like they own you why not the air we breath

Another thing was that I think I paid $30 each for the 2 cores and the wire was about $10 worth of 14awg magnet wire. The way I did it was to take all of the spokes out a a scooter rim, split it and used grey tape to connect it back together after I got it through the toroidal. Then I counted the feet I need and rolled it up onto the rim while on the toroidal from a 870 foot spool.

Maybe a little over 100 feet? Can't remember but all you do is count the inches around the core per loop and add.

Next I reversed direction and put that wire from the rim onto the core. First i put PVC tape all over the blank core. It was the cheapest way for me and I can do this anytime.

Mikey PS you are a free man so don't let the propaganda horn swaggle ya.
I just hate to lose any current by being stingy on wire gauge. My 0000 (4/0) gauge battery cable for my inverter (that's a U.S. Quarter on top of the cable for size reference and also note it's welding cable that uses a whole lot of very tiny gauge wires) I know we all do what we can with what $$ we have but if you can afford the heavy stuff and especially for the short piece of captor cable I'd like to see what difference some extra heavy welding cable might make :
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