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Originally Posted by Dave45 View Post
The Mazzilli circuit puts out a nice sine wave, easy circuit.
If you invest and cant get it working you still have two nice toroids and other equipment that can be used on other projects.

Rigid copper tubing would make a good ground, may be a little expensive but might be worth a shot.

I will be gathering parts as time and money allows.
Thanks Clarence
I was going to mention rigid copper pipe a while back. A 10 foot length will actually cost less than an 8 foot copper ground rod if you buy the thinner wall type M and possibly even type L. You may even end up with more surface contact than a rod but I'm not sure if it would produce the same effect. It might even be easier to get in the ground using the water drill method but it does throw another variable into the setup Clarence has shown so try at your own risk. If you do decide to try using copper pipe I would hammer one end a bit so it's partly flat but still open enough to let water out and attach to a hose to make a good water drill.
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