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Originally Posted by genessc View Post
Stubblefield is cool. Here is John bedinis Old page that he used to maintain back when I started looking at his stuff around age 26... almost 40 now.


Theres some stubblefield stuff in there... among many different schematics of the different types of pulse motors bedini and his pals built.


Enjoy! (brings back memories of being frustrated for about the first 6 months trying to get his "simple" SG to work... along with finally some satisfaction that it was running.... )


p.s. I second the comment on bromikey. Best to just block him so all his posts are blocked from coming thru. That guy is not about results, hes about mouthing off. Reminds me of Hector on Evgray...
So everybody has a right to speak his mind but BroMikey? Sounds socialistic to me. And you guys don't like my comments so you block them? That explains why you won't answer my questions. I asked the wrong ones, like, "DID YOU BUILD IT?" big mistake not answer just block Mikey.
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