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Hi level,
I can tell you from personal experience you are wasting your breath trying to have an intelligent discussion with Bro Mikey. When I raised those same points about the Gerard Morin generator I was told by Bro Mikey I was not smart enough to change a tire on a car. Then I was told I had too much education and then I was told I didn't have enough education. He doesn't know how to have a discussion about the technical aspects of a project. He only knows how to make personal attacks against someone that tries to ask legitimate questions.

Now as to what Clarence is doing, I think it is well worth looking into because it reminds me of a man from western KY. Nathan Stubblefield was powering his home and also had a telephone system the whole community used that was all powered by connections to the ground. He went around the country demonstrating his telephone system trying to get investors to back him so he could start selling them. Some bad business experiences turned him into a bitter man and he went home to continue his experiments until his death. It was told by those that found him dead that his small cabin was toasty warm in the middle of winter with no apparent source of heat other than a couple of strange parabolic mirrors that were aimed at each other from opposite sides of the room. It was also told that the whole hillside around his cabin would be lit up at night without any apparent source where the light was coming from. Look him up it this interests you. He was a very interesting fellow. There is a whole lot more about him that I don't recall right now and some of what I posted may be a little wrong because I am posting strictly from memory.

I was somewhat skeptical about the claims of this device until I remembered Stubblefield. I also recall that Tesla had done some research into the idea of getting energy from the ground. I am not saying I believe what Clarence has is the real deal but I think it could be.

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