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Originally Posted by level View Post

When a couple of us here asked if Clarence could do a few very simple tests where the device is left to run for a reasonable amount of time, such as 24 hours or so while self looping, to really understand better how long his setup can maintain its battery voltage, Clarence has not responded.

Good luck with your experiments everyone!
I thought he said when it rained was the only time the power dropped off. The battery would drop in charge if he didn't lessen the loads as the rain seemed to diminished output. Also he said he shut it off if he left the house after it had run 4-5 hours?

I never heard him say he never ran it 24 hrs.

If it works for 5 hrs it will work forever. I think Clarence has answered everyone very well.

Hey Level did you build this one? You seem to know so much about this it seemed like you must have built one of these devices before. And if so did it work right?

Either way you are way ahead of me on these designs.


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