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Originally Posted by totoalas View Post
Thanks Clarence
so can a 1/4 hp ac be used coz thats my goal and quest for this b&l circuit
other household appliances can wait.... for the meantime i just add caps on my ac during operation ( still not using the rectifier type ac).....

the soltution i remember for the captor cable is to insert the cable into a copper pipe for cooling on heavy loads......
sorry totoalas,

I did not understand what you meant by a 1/4 hp ac ?

OH now I get it ! a 1/4 HORSE POWER air conditioning unit.
yes as long as the amperage that will be added to the #4 black wire
does not cause it to heat and then if it does simply change the #4 wire to a # 2 wire.
#2 does not wind as easily as #4 but I know you can handle it.


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