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Originally Posted by totoalas View Post
Clarence and Level,
thanks for the swift replies and flow of info..... at least we know its working....
we dont need an ou ... what we need is how to lessen our burden of electric bills to food in the table ..... thats what matter in my country where power rates is the no 1 highest in Asia for a 3rd world country with some oil and gas and hydro / geothermal plants.......

Battery voltage drop can be topped off with solar/ sg and ssg / cap dump by Mickey's beasty sssg lots of possibilities rain or shine .....
now back to the drawing board..... theres a lot of DIYers out there that can join in

I remember in my test the 10 mm cable in the captor went to 90 deg C in an instant and also the Barbosa first video showed a 90 to 120 mm captor cable
but in your case ur case how is the heat in the captor ?????

for the earthing , ill go first to soil conditioning with salt .....
Now reminiscent with my past experience with old telephone company... we received complaints from a subscriber asking us after the repair their dog bark when the telephone ring??? when we investigated the lineman just wrapped the earth ground to a pipe where the dog is tied,,,,,,, the other complaint if they dont water their plant the telephone doesnt work ... the reason being the earth ground was placed in the pot since they were lazy enough to dig in the concrete lol
Hello totoalas ,

I just went and checked my unit and the toroid circuit showed 0.08 amps at
6.4 watts. thats why I like them. right size and mighty.

The # 4 AWG black wire showed 1.4 AC amps on the clamp meter.
a good bit of load amperage can be carried by it before it can get warm.

at idle its cool cool cool.
BTW: if your captor loop has more than say 2 amps at Idle you have some some captor windings problems.
if you can shoot a photo I can take a look at it and tell.


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