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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
the word sometimes is a good usage but that should not imply always.
I have let it run unloaded ( actually it was loaded by the charger) before for around twelve hours and it stayed around the 12+ for that period. when you do get to being able to build yours you definitely wont have to ask anyone anymore questions. you'll have your own answers.
till then,
the best.
Clarence, Ok, from your reply it seems you are not much interested in investigating and sharing more details on how your setup performs beyond just a short time, but from what I can gather from some of your comments it appears you have not been able to get your setup to be a continuous self runner. That is important information for people to know however before they go and invest a large sum of money in a replication, and this is the reason I asked twice about the performance now. To tell other people to build your setup if they want to know how your setup might actually perform doesn't make sense. You need to be fully forthcoming on what your setup can do and what it can't do, based on actual performance testing. To just give people the run around when they ask for specific test results on how your setup is performing, after you have stated more than a few times that your setup is 'working' is not a good sign at all. People should have more than wishful thinking before investing a large sum of money and time and effort into a replication.

Happy experimenting!

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