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Hello Clarence. If I understand correctly, you are sometimes at least not able to run your setup for more than about 4 hours without the battery voltage falling down to 12 volts or less, but actual performance varies in relation to whether it has been raining or not and maybe other factors as well? The one piece of information on your setup we are still missing is how long you typically can run your setup before the battery voltage starts to fall noticeably. If you can help clarify this any further by maybe running some more tests for longer times like 12 hours or more, that would be very helpful to prospective replicators. Maybe you can compare tests results from a rainy day to tests results for the same test conditions for a sunny day. That might help to shed more light on the effect of the weather or dampness on the performance.

the word sometimes is a good usage but that should not imply always.
I have let it run unloaded ( actually it was loaded by the charger) before for around twelve hours and it stayed around the 12+ for that period. when you do get to being able to build yours you definitely wont have to ask anyone anymore questions. you'll have your own answers. also I have stated that to overcome weather and other earth difficulties I have pointed out to myself that I need at least 10 more rods because of my location but I am not going to do that at this time,
I've had enough rod pushing and connecting for awhile. also I don't do testing anymore - i'm out of that category, instead I do using. I use it to run various household items to reduce my electric bill. that was its purpose and that is what I use
it for. think on it - a micro uses 15.5 amps at 1640 watts. use that off and on through out the day and it isn't free. it costs if it is run on mains. It doesn't for me. I power it by my unit.

till then,

the best.


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