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Originally Posted by level View Post
Hello totoalas, on the schematic it shows that the two outer sets of grounds of 28 rods each are all wired together, so they are really one set of ground rods. The other set of ground rods is the 4 grounds in the center which are tied together. I don't think Clarence has posted a diagram of his current ground rod layout, but Clarence posted an earlier ground rod layout in the diagram that is attached to this post:

@Clarence, I think totoalas was asking what the measured resistance is between the input and output set of ground rods you have installed, as a rough idea of how much resistance there is between your two sets of ground rods. I don't know if a typical multimeter can measure earth resistance very reliably, but it might still give a rough idea for comparison purposes.
Hello LEVEL,

you are completely accurate about ALL the points you noted on your last two posts to totoalas.

on the DVMM - correct again. in the past whenever i tried with it wouldn't give me any readings so I don't go that way any more.

just as a reliable method, I would start with 10 rods linked in series (without looping it yet ) and attach the Captor 2 1/2 green return earth neutral to it and read across that output leads and find the rms voltage shown. if it doesn't match the inverter rms voltage then keep adding rods until it does.
THEN complete the loop. make SURE you add about ten more rods before looping or you WILL be back to do so. thats by experience.

that's why I have said this devise is self teaching. it won't let you get away with anything - and that's good not bad in my view.

thanks again Sir.

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