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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
Hello a.King21,
the next later thing I learned was that I simply needed a LARGER AH battery.
I already they knew they were using the Captor output to self run the device - they openly said so various times. that wasn't a hidden secret
as far as I'm concerned. the charger keeps the batt at 12-13 v up and down.

my location here for ground potential is lousy to say the least and at times
even with sixty rods I can tell that I need another 10 to 20.
when it rains here the potential drops off to under the needed rms voltage
to consistently carry higher loads. and it has been raining here the last 3 days. so what that does is keep the charger from max performance
power wise and the battery voltage because of it will ever sooooo slowly
drop. the last time during rain time I ran it for over 4 + hours and it went
from 13+ to 12 so i removed the loads and let it charge.

so you SEE I have to take my OWN advice about how to MAKE SURE that enough rods + about ten more or so are in place to prevent problems!!

BUT know definitely that this type unit is a winner.
Hope all that helps. I did not mean to ignore you - the time delay was because i simply overlooked your post . I apologize for that Sir.

Thanks for listening.

Hello Clarence. If I understand correctly, you are sometimes at least not able to run your setup for more than about 4 hours without the battery voltage falling down to 12 volts or less, but actual performance varies in relation to whether it has been raining or not, and maybe other factors as well? The one piece of information on your setup we are still missing is how long you typically can run your setup before the battery voltage starts to fall noticeably. If you can help clarify this any further by maybe running some more tests for longer times like 12 hours or more, that would be very helpful to prospective replicators. Maybe you can compare tests results from a rainy day to tests results for the same test conditions for a sunny day. That might help to shed more light on the effect of the weather or dampness on the performance.

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