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Originally Posted by totoalas View Post
Hi Clarence
size of battery ok ive read 40 ah
Theres a trade fair in hk and ill shop around for the parts as factory outlets have lots on sale here
the earthing rod cost 50 hKD each x 40 plus WOW but still better than solar panel 50 watts costing 500 hkd excluding freight .......and a 2 kw system costing a whoping 100000 hkd...... a fortune compared to your system ......
so 20 amp charger, 3 kw inverter, battery, and 2 toroids plus 2 extra power meters........
hope to find their china equivalent ........

Hello totoalas,

Glad for your findings and that its and advantage for you to get your parts.

in the end its your location and the resulting rods that it takes that will
fullfill your quest. LEVEL in a previous post gave GOOD information for the
installation of the rods. the information I gave about enough rods to match
rms value to rms value plus a few more rods besides is really important.

to your personal success sir.
BTW: You will need to consider the estimate for the total number of footage of the #6AWG wire
for connecting the rods. did you consider also an oblong wire clamp for each rod.


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