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Originally Posted by level View Post
This is an interesting video. It shows how you can put in an 8 foot ground rod with just your bare hands and a bucket of water. This likely isn't going to work if you have fairly big rocks in the ground or big tree roots, and it takes some work, but it is still impressive that they were able to drive in the ground rod with their bare hands in about 5 minutes. Good trick.
Driving a Grounding Rod
Driving a Grounding Rod - YouTube

Here's a much faster and easier way using a jack hammer and a customized fitting.
The soil may be a fair bit softer and looser in this case however.
Driving a Ground Rod In 39 Seconds
Driving a Ground Rod In 39 Seconds - YouTube
Hello LEVEL,

You are headed in the right direction 1000% percent with the videos you show. been there done that!

the method that I my self used was the same as the first video!
the location will tell the member the best method for his site.

You have made a very valuable contribution to all members by this post Sir.

thanks again for ALL your efforts.


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