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Grounding rods
Usually available are copper coated steel rods 1.0 m length and extendable
Since Galvanized plate has greater contact surface and boosted by salt can be an alternative as my farm is in a brookside and hard clay than soil ,,, will try
this material also I saw in some russian videos they used also plates including refrigerator case buried.....

I will open up my previous tests videos when i finished work and maybe start a smaller version first......
In the last test of Hitby on 2 ignition coils..... the link between the two hv nodes
can be utilized or at least harvest in the captor since its a closed loop
either use a tv hv transformer pass the cables around the steel of the transformer and thru the 2 internal coils then you have an extra output to connrect to the captor....just ideas on a smaller scale

another idea is to use capacitive reactive charger in place of the normal charger just what Tinman used using transformer and a normal high amp diode maybe???? lots of ideas to test

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