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Hello BroMikey,

concerning the UPS system B&L in their last demonstration that I saw - they were no longer using a charger/battery/inverter set up but had incorporated their unit as a battery UPS type system which is basicaly dedicated circuits with its internal charger/battery/inverter components any way. I could be wrong about the internal make up of a UPS as I am not REALLY familiar with them to be honest about it. I like Don Smiths familiar self motto! KISS----KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. so that is why I like my set up. you can see it- You KNOW what each component is doing or not doing as the case may be. the circuits are REALLY simple and visible.
Also it is easy to tell how you are progressing in achieving you goals, etc.

Also I am mindful of LEVEL's train of thoughts also. as you see in my unit several places I use uncovered terminal strips which serve MY purposes but to a unfamiliar handler would be dangerous. 120 volts whether its from mains or an inverter actually can be deadly. most all other loading places I use covered receptacles to avoid uncovered connections and is a better proceedure for sure.

thanks for listening.

BTW: as far as a smaller version I believe the inverter RMS output would wind up defeating you. you would still have to meet that value from the ground potentiol
in odrer to power mini loads any way - so why small!


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