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A earlier post from Clarence on an earlier ground rod arrangment

This is a post from Clarence from on March 11, 2015, on a ground rod arrangement he was working on at the time. I think Clarence has expanded on his ground rod layout since then.

Re: Energy from the Ground - Self powered generator by Barbosa and Leal
Reply #1038 on: March 11, 2015, 02:11:47 PM


my new inverter and smart charger should be in by this weekend and then I can get busy again.
am still putting in a few more ground rods. have rec'd some more info about the rod spacing which
goes back to the PESN evaluation way back in the thread pages. bluntly, B&L themselves were using
just 1 meter ( 3 feet USA ) spacing between their ground rods. so I have attached a updated rod layout
that you can consider. it takes up WAY LESS footprint space than previously thought! and uses less
connecting wire also.

Hang in there.


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