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So you want to say I didn't need to make that big coil today? I have on my desk 4-5 turns , 5-6 cm height E-TBC from my previous experiment I didn't check what was the broadband frequency on that one. But it looks to me quite small to put any coil on it (2* 1/4).

Actually I have one more question- I have made a kacher by using one transistor and two coils (one going to collector and the other is feedback to base) On the collector I can see ns HV peaks. With the ground used ,it charge my caps very quickly to around 200V. The point is ,there is almost no current consumption -my poversupply shows 0.00A and the cap charged to 200V in around 1.5s. Just wondering if I will make the kacher peaks much higher, with the amp-less consumption ,that would be great. The E-TBC will give it the amps and happy days

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