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That drawing is just my idea of what I thought patdet was describing in his first post. He has posted it is correct. However, I see no way for that circuit to charge the batteries as there is no connection from the source batteries to the charge batteries on the positive side.

To answer your questions. The negative of both charge and source batteries ARE connected to the emitter. And in his first post he states tne battery voltages after charging that would indicate the source batteries are in series. He also indicates the charge batteries are in series. Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by BobBrown View Post
The updated drawing only shows the one battery set connected to the emitter.
I'm always missing something, but would like to try this one and I've already missunderstood something.


Oh, one more thing, is the charging bank in series or parrellel ? 1.5 volts (parrellel) or 12 volts (series)
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