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Originally Posted by nilrehob View Post
My diodes are usually SF16G but I'm open for suggestions for better ones.

45ns is pretty fast, I like it. Some are higher voltage say 1200volt, your device is only 400volt. Even a 1000volt is better. Maybe HITBY will chime in, he is the master of diode reality.

I only just started using FAST DIODES but mine handle 30amps. The 2n4007 is 4ns at a higher voltage but I don't know what to tell you is better for sure.

We will leave that up to the guys who know.

Anyone? Know?

But your diode is way better than what everyone else uses.

Aaron told a number of a new diode but I am not sure on that because I didn't try one yet. Maybe they call it ultra-fast?

One thing is sure. When I use higher voltage ceilings of fast diodes my output doubles sometimes for the same draw on the input.

Check my post on your other thread about the other half of the monopole system.
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