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Originally Posted by patdet View Post
Yesterday afternoon I mutually charged AA NiMH batteries with only
1 transistor,1 cap and one resistor, by connecting the base with a 10K resistor
to the + of the source and the - of the source with a wima capacitor polypropylene
0.1/250V MK8 4. and connecting the collector tthrough a 1N4007 diode with the +
of the charge battery and both - of source and charge connected with the emitter
of the TIP31C transistor.After 4 hours
source from 1.17V to 2.30V (2 AA NiMH)
charge from 1.23V to 8.48V (8 AA NiMH)
So , no expensive wire spools.


ps: can someone replicate and confirm this!
Can you post a exact schematic of your exact setup?

-Dave Wing
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