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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Tom Brown wants an opportunity to post a response to this thread so here it is with full message header and all so you know it is really from him. Tom Brown is unable to email me on his own without including a dozen other people in the emails, involving others who have no business with this, etc. I replied to all of them with links documented in the archives with Techzombie's anal rape comics of an underage girl from his high school, etc...

The reason it is relevant is because if Tom Brown is associating with him and others who are admitted pedophiles, etc... what does that say of his character? Why would he be defending Techzombie for so long? I think it matters.
Sadly, some of those that received these emails like Jerry Decker emails support for Tom Brown as being such a great guy but completely ignores the facts about his accomplice (Techzombie) in the online defamation campaign against Eric and I.

Hi Aaron

This really explains many things I have wondered about over the years. This is a picture of Tom

The reason I posted this is because I listened to his interview last year on youtube. In it he states that MANLY HALL sent him money years ago and how TOM liked so many of Manly P Hall's books and basically doctrines of science.

Hall was a devoted Mason. If people don't know Manly they won't understand that this fight you are in is a spiritual one. I could go on for hours why these posts you are getting from Tom, carry as much validity as holding a reading. Zero.

Stand strong, their ship is going down fast and the undertow will be something to avoid. Great work nipping it in the bud.

If people could only realize the forces that are at work here are powerless outside of the use of fear. Fear of losing position, fear of going down in history, as a fraud and fears of so many other kinds. Fear not.

I am not impressed at all by this guy. Victor S would have been ashamed.


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