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Tom Brown's Response Part 2

Dave Franklin and I made a short term land contract based on Josh's word, that Josh would pay the $10k in a set amount of time, was 90 days or so if I recall, that I would hold the land in trust.

(my files on this are in the states and it's been 21 years, but I will put all this in the public domain when I get a chance, to counter Eric's insane fantasies of oppression)

The contract was clear, if Josh did not pay the money for any reason in that timeframe then the land would revert striclty back to Franklin, simple, normal, straightforward agreement. I was in no position to purchase, and didn't want to. As I said, I was a reluctant standin for a friend on this, with the expectation that the extent of my involvement would be just as trustee/holder.

Unfortunately Josh passed away in the midst of this, a great loss on many levels. A true gentleman and scholar who would trust me with $10 million but not trust Eric with $10,000.

Marin County pressure got heavy on me as soon as the land went in my name, so I had to go to abatement hearing after abatement hearing, every one an 8 hour round trip from my home and work. Every one of which could have been avoided if Eric would have simply taken down his equipment for a bit so we could regroup and re-sort when Josh resurfaced.

Eric refused, he was ornery and obstructive to me, saying they'd have to bulldoze him off. He put me in a very difficult position and acted like it was a holy mission to stand against the County. The whole episode is Eric's fault, period!

The matter finally went to a full hearing of the County Commision, only because I was holding my ground at law. I was assisted by the late Kirby Ferris (who I connected with through the late Philo Farnsworth III, who put me in touch with him to help watch Eric's back) and others in the community (including my friend Frank, who by chance looks very similar to Eric). The Commissioner, Gary Giacomini, told me directly that he didn't care what the law said, if we didn't abate the project on the site they were coming in.

So I filed an ex parte applicationto stay the County's actions. As I was walking into the Superior Court with my friend (who I mentioned looks like Eric) we were surrounded by sweaty, agitated Sheriffs, with hands on guns. They thought Frank was Eric, which was quickly cleared by by ID, and they told me that Eric had called 911 and said that if the County came in there would be "another Waco" (this was six months or so after Waco, late 93, early 94, the Sheriffs were significantly worried). I had to assure them there were no guns and there would be no violence, that Eric was emotionally overwrought on the issue but did not have any means to fulfill his malignant threat to the peace. Naturally the court was electric, the judge angry and scowling, he just rejected the application and said the County was coming in.

What a reliable backup Eric can be when you are making great efforst to defend him, NOT!

Frank and I tried to get Eric to move stuff off site to save it. Frank brought a truck to move important gear, but Eric wouldn't budge. He insisted on leaving everything up. This whole episode could have been avoided if Eric wasn't such a selfish idiot about everything and had just been honorable to the Franklins to save their land.

So a few days later the County showed up with gear, cut the fence lock, and trashed the equipment. The County was corrupt and out of line, but Eric was no better as far as acting to alleviate the situation.

Then I tried to get Franklin to settle on our contract. He said he didn't want the land back, for me to sell it for him. I noted we had a witnessed legal contract he had signed which was filed with the transfer and he was obligated, that it was not my responsibility to sell it for him. From that point on he avoided me and put me in a difficult position. Couldn't find him anywhere, wouldn't return phone calls. This went on for many weeks, the guy is a dishonorable flake. I don't care what he thinks, he was just as bad as Eric about failing in fundamental obligations.

BTW, I turned down a very good offer for the land from the Park Ranger as Eric was freaking out that I would, that the other side would somehow win over his local battles.

Then Eric said that he had a local woman friend who would purchase it and let him stay there.

As Franklin was still on the dodge I agreed. I left messages with Franklin about it, in case he wanted to handle it locally, since it was by law his obligation. He never got back.

So I sold it to the woman Eric suggested. Then Eric started calling me frantically screaming at me that I had to cancel the sale, that she was a white witch and had tricked him. I noted that it was a legal matter and the title irreversibly transferred. Eric was freaking out, saying I had to cancel, I had to get the land back, he seemed unable to grasp the simple fact of a land transfer and expected me to magically reverse it. I finally had to stop listening to him and put him off, he was in total loony tunes mode. And that was the last I've ever heard directly from him.

Because of expenses related to charges against the land by the County, sales, etc I netted $7K to send to David. I phoned him and left a message that I would be sending a certified bank check, which I did by registered mail. I got it back marked "Refused" (still have that envelope in my US files). There was no legal obligation on my part to do any of this, Franklin is in egregious default; in fact liable for countersuit for default and expenses; legally I owe him nothing and would win hands down in court with him owing me for costs.

At that point it was many months into dealing with these Bolinas loonies, who reminded me of the collective of local Salinas bums from Steinbeck's Cannery Row, who would make things worse by trying to help. David had refused numerous times to honor the land contract, was clearly avoiding me to avoid contracted responsibility, and had left me in a difficult position. Eric went ballistic when I did what he asked on the sale.

Then David refused the payment saying he thought I was trying to "trick" him. What sort of trick would I even want to pull at that point? The only thing that makes any sense when considering these Bollinas evaders of responsibility is that he must have thought that if he signed for the envelope with the check he would have to take the land back, as he had a contractual obligation to so do. What he feared most of all was having to deal with Eric on the land again, his "best friend."

I had a new child, was moving overseas, transferring business, and dealing with major unrelated matters including a sibling's failing health. I figured I'd sort the clowns out in the future when I had a chance. They were obstructive and dishonorable, but I figured do it for good will.

Then after moving to NZ Tom Valentine got in touch and asked me what was up, that Eric was slandering me on his radio show claiming it was my fault the land was lost and I had ripped off the Franklins. Tom was a longtime friend and fellow researcher and knows me well. I told him the above and he never let Eric back on his Radio Free America show (of which I was a regular guest for years before my move, I introduced Eric's work to him). He was already familiar with Eric's dysfunctions, but like many of us he still understood that Eric has interesting and potentially useful insight into the electrical sciences.

As for embezzling the money from Mexico, that has already been answered by Peter who held the checkbook on that account. It was all done properly with strict accounting. Peter has always acted as honorable man in my dealings with him over ten years at Borderlands, and his silence just shows he's past these scurrilous Dollard claims as he knows they are nonsense. For all I know the accounting records for that period may still exist at Borderlands, all paper ledger entries. The only worry there was Eric not accounting for money given to him as we needed receipts for expenses.

It was Eric who blew that deal, when the kind benefactor called from Mexico to see what Eric had done with his $60k over the year or so it came in, Eric told him it wasn't enough money to do anything and he needed more. He got cut off, packed up the lab without telling us, and fled. And blamed us!

It was my mistake to try and help Eric again years later.

If you want to promote Eric's science then do so. I appreciate the insight gained from his scientific perspective, that is appreciated. Howeever, he's also caused significant problems to me and others with his slanderous insanity. Stick to the science.

Aaron Murakami

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