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Tom Brown's Response Part 1

Tom Brown wants an opportunity to post a response to this thread so here it is with full message header and all so you know it is really from him. Tom Brown is unable to email me on his own without including a dozen other people in the emails, involving others who have no business with this, etc. I replied to all of them with links documented in the archives with Techzombie's anal rape comics of an underage girl from his high school, etc...

The reason it is relevant is because if Tom Brown is associating with him and others who are admitted pedophiles, etc... what does that say of his character? Why would he be defending Techzombie for so long? I think it matters.
Sadly, some of those that received these emails like Jerry Decker emails support for Tom Brown as being such a great guy but completely ignores the facts about his accomplice (Techzombie) in the online defamation campaign against Eric and I.

Now, I find a post on Youtube by Techzombie, that Michael Theroux, a former Borderland members, claims that Eric stole all the seismic research from him and never gave him credit. I emailed all these people below in response and asked him if this is true, but he has not responded yet. From all the documentation we have on the subject, all this seismic research done at Landers had no contributions from Michael Theroux as far as I know.

Anyway, here is Tom Brown's comments in response to this thread:

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Mr Murakami,

You've posted some wild and erroneous claims about what Eric now calls "Camp David" and that I somehow ripped off the Franklin family; for what was it $25K or $50K?

Substantiate that claim or retract it. Get a copy of the land contract from David Franklin and you will see that it was he who is in default and caused significant costs and problems being evasive, obstructive, dishonorable and probably seriously stoned 24/7 (which is how I usually saw him).

Josh Reynolds was going to purchase that piece for Eric for $10K. Josh called me, he was ill and heading to the hospital. He asked me if I could organize to hold the land in trust till he got out and was able to organize it properly through his lawyers, since Eric was whining frantic as he had the County of Marin ready to shut him down for running his outdoor radio lab there in the middle of a residential district.

I reluctantly agreed, jumpting into the breech of a long smoldering local feud, only as a favor to Josh, as I had enough on my agenda without taking that on. And while I was into helping Eric promote his science, past experience led me to believe that unless everything was set up properly Eric would somehow cause ruin and blame it on me, as it eventuated. Marin County was already moving against the Franklins because of Eric's project when I got involved, but the full story wasn't disclosed at that time. I expected it would be simple to sort, just work through whatever problems so there was no claim by the County.

Josh loved Eric, considered him a friend, appreciated his work greatly, but didn't trust him with money (which is why he used Borderland and an East Coast non-profit to handle money for him). Josh told me he was setting up a $10 million foundation and asked me if I would be the head of it, where the proceeds from investments would go into projects such as Eric's and others we were working on. I agreed and understood it was in process and would eventuate when Josh got out of the hospital.

Back to Bolinas; the three surrounding plots (making a square) with houses were owned by a US Park Ranger who obviously didn't want Eric there running an outdoor antenna farm, sleeping in his car, and drinking and smoking with the locals. The County Commissioner (who was a former Coastal Commission lawyer from an uber wealthy family) had just sold the US Park Service some nearby Petaluma farmland for $8 million or thereabouts. There was obviously corruption afoot, and Eric had many people against him locally, for whatever reasons.

The Franklins had been noticed by the County to abate the lab, considered an eyesore and in violation of local regulations. Eric refused, the Franklins were just looking to toss the hot potato as quickly as possible, since Eric wouldn't lift a finger to help his supposed friends who had let him stay on their land for free. This is why Eric was so frantic to lean on Josh, because he wouldn't help his so-called best friend with the basic obligation of keeping the peace and protecting their property and was hoping Josh would somehow save him with money. Eric just wanted someone else's money instead of acting in honor and quieting the situation for free.

Aaron Murakami

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