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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
To better get us all with a better picture of what is actually going on I made a SKI-Matic Diagram. Also enclosed is a picture of Gerards shorted pole. I don't know about you guys but a shorted set of poles in very significant to me.

We can not just jump over that fact.

Also in minute 3:36

@Chris 50KW not 50KV KV is a Kilo-Volt designation.

We do not have a 50KW transformer. We have a 37.5KW unit.

Bee C-in Ya Ps Thank you everyone for you attention.

I don't really want to butt in here, but I think you guys are missing something major and are likely to get hurt by it.

Look in the picture of the pole pig that is in this post. It has FOUR low voltage insulated terminals NOT three as the SKI-MATIC shows. The two center terminals appear to be both neutrals which are tied together with a strap. The farthest away terminal appears to be unconnected (not shorted to neutral). The reason to have the neutrals separable like that is so you can do different phasing with the other half of the low voltage coils. This connection type would leave the second half of the low voltage coils open, and not loaded. If you insist on shorting this terminal to neutral, of course you will load down and kill the gen.

When dealing with this high voltage and pole pigs etc, you must be VERY certain of your connections and diagrams. In my view, it being negligent liability to present false connection diagrams and info.
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