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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Would be cool to datalog the output of the headset jack. My receiver is one that I purchased from Stephen McGreevy last year.

I have Cool Edit Pro - but that would take up way too much space.... has to be something simpler that can be exported to Excel to see a graph.

Maybe Visual Analyzer would be of use in this situation. I haven't really played with it all that much yet, but it has loads of features including graphing, and it seems to me like this would be perfect for what you want. Plus it's free for private use. You could purchase a license for it if you wanted to use it for anything other than personal use, which I think is only about $30.00.

Visual Analyser

Instead of it's input being some sort of scope probe, it is set up to take it's input from a microphone or you can run a loopback internally on your PC so it takes it's measurements from the audio that is being played thru your PC speakers while you are listening to it. I haven't tried to save any files off of it and export them to another program, but I'm sure it can be done.

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