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Originally Posted by pentarbe View Post
Just found this old newspaper article.
That is what I have been trying to explain to the average person for the last 40 years. Men chose their direction early in life and as they travel this road of life with their friends and family things begin to take on new meaning.

First the wife notices what her man is becoming then the friends. The moral values of one are not the values of another though we all consider it to be close to the same. But as the fork in the road widens the ones with evil intentions are made known as their friends and families reflect the opposite.

Judges, Lawyers, political figures, school teachers, Engineers and many more condone elicit/immoral dealings. Drugs from the Pharmacy or off the streets are from the same supplier.

Sex rings or even just a pinup in your garage are all the same thing as lewdness/nakedness/perversion has taken over the hearts of men at one time or another.

This is about men. Men who will have no law or moral code whatsoever, but the wife killed herself because she finally saw her man for what he is. Big shock.

As men grow older the widening fork in the road reveals their inter most desires. Young men pick this up from the older men and lawless behavior is past down from generation to generation. This is the will of GOD to make HIS test with man.

To know GOOD and to know EVIL. We all have free will so we can make up our own minds what we want most. This is called free will. So to KNOW good Johnny becomes a good boy and to KNOW evil Johnny must be evil at some point.

This is the will of God. Testing man who is offered EVIL and is offered GOOD. Which one will he choose? These facts are what establishment with it's Laws are built upon.

"Don't do this and don't do that and don't interrupt and don,t tease the cat." So Johnny learns all of the ups and downs of life.

Techolizard with his cohorts are a product of sociological evolution in a world where children grow up on the streets watching the police run drugs and many other crimes.

Expecting sanity from such people is a joke, all you can do is lock them behind bars. If these individuals have enough money they can get out of anything. The reason these people use others materials to sell behind the others back such as we see with Eric's work are many. One reason is so they can make a dontation or a connection anyway and everyway they can to entangle others into their web, as they spiral into the gutter. I am saying this as a possibility. It does make one wonder.

They can't explain their income of $250,000 so they must use others as way of covering up their dirty laundry. This is a process known as "Money Laundering" Money is a tricky thing and if others who sniff out that money can provide a means of escape legally for these rogue individuals they will. Such as an unscrupulous Lawyer will do even though he knows the man is guilty of poisoning the lives of others, he will try to get him off for money.

Some Judges will do the same thing.

If TechnoLiz can slither into a courtroom with evidence that shows he is a noble free energy salesmen this might put him in the clear of any suspected lewd involvement.

The other folks defending him are simply getting some of that money or favors. Whatever you want to call it, they are on the take. Taking money that is easy to make pushing drugs when all they need do is front the money. If this is how he is getting him money. Hypothetically.

These people live in a world where their eyes are kept closed, they don't want to know. Expecting sanity out of the people in charge of the world these days is a misconception.

I went right to the Attorney Generals Office one time and he laughed me out of the room because I was putting the finger on a man who had raped, stolen money, robbed people of their pensions who is a preacher to this day.

That Attorney General was very nervous in my presences as I wept telling him the various stories surrounding that case. The bottom line is that these people put up 1/2 million dollars and get some of that back later to get out of jail. The courts keep some and the beat goes on.

What needs to be done is to continue to reveal the master plan and then all of the cockroaches will scurry away in fear. Don't forget the roaches.

The line of reasoning in court is that everyone does it and they plea bargain crimes down to almost nothing, slap on the hand/pay and go.

There is no judgement in this land, only who has the most money and who is keeping it a secret for money. The morality that did use to inhibit men in the USA is no longer welcome.

Look at the money laundering aspects of why these guys are involving themselves with internet scams that seem legit. The way this works is tie up the courts with dozens of lose ends where money may have been made above board. A free energy paper or a set of plans and the next thing you know with enough of those documents the Jury believes the criminal is just an ordinary businessman that people are trying to take advantage of.

Drugs and Porno links that lead to other links and to other links produce billions of dollars in revenues that people can not explain on their tax forms so these leaders with money have to depend on others to buy them things so they can not be traced as spending so much money.

It is an unending web of lies.

MikeyKeep doing the right thing and when THE KING shall appear you will receive a crown of Glory that never fades away.

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