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Thomas Joseph Brown & Aether Force

So, as it stands, my original email response to Thomas Joseph Brown's email asked him to email me his rebuttal to what is posted in this thread and I'll post it.

You can see his responses ignore this and he focuses on nothing but the irrelevant. Gary Hendershot does the same thing - incapable of focusing on the FACTS, which is that he supported Techscumbie in giving those clowns an hour to slander Eric and I and refused to give us equal time to defend and present the evidence. I have all the emails to prove it.

Anyone with common sense can look at the links I provided and the evidence in emails, online archives, etc... to see that I have presented nothing but the truth since the beginning and Thomas Joseph Brown, Techscumbie, and company are completely incapable of dealing with anything that resembles truth, facts, etc... oh well.

The very things that Thomas Joseph Brown is accusing me of, all the evidence in the archives and in posts here in this forum from about 1.5 years ago shows that it is he who is the one doing those things to me. A classic example of projection where the person is in such denial that they accuse others of doing that they themselves are doing... he is a LITE version of Mohamed Youssef (Techscumbie of Aether Farce.)
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