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Thomas Joseph Brown

Here is Thomas Joseph Brown's reply to my email - obviously incapable of dealing with documented evidence:


Dude, are you on crack or just totally insane?

Your ramblings are getting more incoherent. Nobody gives a **** about your wild claims about others. The only one "exposed" through your actions here is you.

All I asked was fair space to counter the falsehoods you have posted about me. Do I get it? Simple question.

You appear incapable of honorable action and clarity of thought so I'll leave it at that. I should have known better from experience than to expect honesty and fairness from you, my mistake.

As Gary so aptly put it, if one fights a skunk they'll come out smelling. So I'm getting away from the stank you are emitting from the pores of your being and leave you to your obvious characterological dysfunctions. People who know me know better than your lies anyway, I have nothing to hide, and certainly nothing to fear from your shoddy yellow journalism.

Hope you don't crash too hard on your fast spiral downwards, you used to do good work. Maybe you'll heal and act human again someday. That would be nice.

However, do get back if you want to approve my forum membership in order that you may honor an ethical approach to posts on your forum with right of reply. That shouldn't be that much to ask, any honest, honorable person would do it without being asked.

Aaron Murakami

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