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Ken Lebrun

Ken Lebrun says this in response to being CC'd...



This may sound like a dumb question....but.... Does this sort of discussion get us anywhere closer to solving the worlds energy, poverty, hunger, or pollution crisis? I'm not interested in who is right or wrong in the this discussion but it would seem that this could have been handled in a less confrontational way.

If you claim something, the burden of proof is on your head. You should be willing to take on the responsibility of showing the proof before you make the claim. As Mark would say, "Show me the Data!"...I would add "Or be though a fool". That being said... There are ways to shed light on something you feel is wrong and you have every right to expose these things. We point out hundreds of fallacies, bad science debacles, scams, and delusions every year; but do it in a manner resembling the old adage, "Speak softly, carry a big stick". Personal attacks can be considered slanderous or defamation by the other party. When things get to this stage, it's nothing more than a snowball fight with big rocks.

I would suggest all parties just agree to disagree and as Tom puts it, clear the astral drainpipe (LOL), and clear the sewage so we can make progress towards the end-goal.

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