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Gary Hendershot

Gary Hendershot, Jerry Decker, and a bunch of others were CC's with the delirious babble of Thomas Joseph Brown - here is Gary's response:


You understand of course that these are the ramblings of severe insanity ??? I have seen this type of nonsense from Ray also but to his credit, he seemed to step back from the brink and change direction … mostly …

If you continue to engage, I fear you will succumb … it’s as addictive as any drug … with each perceived slight it builds and builds until it becomes the most important thing in your life … that is the path Murakami has chosen … so much of his life energy is wrapped up in this nonsense he cannot see beyond it … for him, there is no solution, no end, no redemption … he is obsessed …

it would seem your path is much more rational … but if you allow yourself to be dragged into a pissing contest with a skunk, even if you win, you will still smell pretty bad …

But it’s not for me to judge and certainly not for me to advise on paths to enlightenment … I have my own tortured path to follow …

Be well …




Gary - you are part of the problem by giving those clowns a full hour to slander us and you refused to give us an equal opportunity to defend ourselves and present facts. You have a problem with facts.

My response has FACTS with documentation linked to in archives, etc. that you cannot refute and shows who you, Tom Brown and others are associating themselves with. You defend Techscum with your claims about Hitler being good with finances, etc... yet you ignore that he prolaims himself to be Jew fighter and is a pornographer, which Tom Brown claims to have a problem with pornography, yet his buddy techscum is a pornographer.

My email are not ramblings - they are facts, which you do not have the integrity or guts to analyze for what they are and neither does Tom Brown.

Your buddy Sterling is a self-proclaimed Pedophile and you pretend he is not evidently. He admits it in multiple videos.... your close partner for a long time on your show. Are you one of the people who knew about this the whole time, but chose to ignore it?
Aaron Murakami

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