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reponse to Thomas Joseph Brown 3

His cause for lack of continuity is that he is nothing more than a reptilian brain with 2 legs. He only wants to eat something to satisfy his hunger no matter what and will do and say anything to make that happen - even though his entire string of lies has no consistency - so he has to pile one more lie on top of another and another and another. You are doing the same thing but what you are doing presents a LITE version of what he is doing.

I am not misled by Eric and I will do my own thinking. If you're able to comprehend what is in that post, I stated that I don't see a reason to believe you embezzled any money from the Mexican. I talked to Eric about that recently and he even said that he believes that money went to where it was supposed to go - so if I edit anything in my own post, I will change it so that Eric actually isn't claiming you embezzled money from the Mexican. The issue is with Franklin's money as far as I can gather.

You have not acted fair and honorable in anything so far Tom. You slandered me as indicated above without reason - just because I didn't jump when you said jump to delete messages when the requests came from an anonymous user. You have spread lies about me through Facebook, Techscum's website, etc... if you want to be fair and honorable, try cleaning up your own garbage first before approaching me about something you don't like. Cooperation is a two way street so honor goes both way. You are the instigator here, not me. I only defended myself and you only spread lies about me.

Stop with the censorship claims, it's getting old. You were banned from posting in my forum because you kept posting defamatory messages against me for not deleting Eric's posts as requested through some anonymous message. That is not censorship and your posts are still there. Learn the difference.

If you want to respond, email it to me without acting like a 5 year old tattle tell who needs to tell all their friends and teachers and I'll post it. Anyone is free to discuss claims against you. Someone posts about you, I respond and I'm free to discuss these claims against you as well and that is not slander when anything stated is true.

The only ones who have dishonored this entire field is YOU and YOUR relationship with Techscumbie.

The one who needs healing is yourself. You are projecting your own issues on me. Your association with Techscum has caused many people who used to respect you to turn away. If you could see the letters that pour into Eric's mailbox in Lone Pine, you would see who is really running away from who. More and more people are waking up to the facts that virtually everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and you are supporting those lies.

Someone posted in YouTube about Techscum doing something with Eric's paper on his youtube channel without permission and you said you would have to check it out. Who are you trying to fool? You're going to state that as if you have any intention of seeing if Techscum is actually lying and illegally using copyrighted material that doesn't belong to him? That thief took one of Eric's papers and put it through a text to speech editor and made a youtube video called Energy Defined without Eric's permission and he didn't even give Eric credit - 100% outright plagiarism and you support that? You have supported quite a few of his other lies as well as is evidenced by many youtube posts. He was selling Lone Pine Writings - a collection of Eric's papers on his website for $50 a copy and Eric never got a dime. As soon as he received the copyright takedown notice, he started to give it away for free to sabotage Eric's ability to earn money from his own book. 100% of all the lies that Techscum has accused me of is EXACTLY what he is guilty of himself. That is who you are supporting. A liar, thief, psychopath and a pornographer. You support someone who draws comics of an underaged girl from his highschool who he claims was concentually raped over and over and over and he is so obsessed with it, not only did he draw comics, but he drew her on his motorcycle - THAT is where that character on his bike came from. A white Catholic underaged girl from his highschool and he admits he has photographs of these rape is all in the archives!

That is who you have chosen to align yourself with and evidently, you know about all of this yet you continue to keep him close to you only because he continues to attack Eric and I. People sometimes get into relationships because of convenience, but this is ridiculous. This is why so many of your long time fans absolutely no longer support you and many people who believed you and Techscum early on have turned about face and are back donating money to Eric's work, etc...

Let's see if you have the intellectual honesty to answer to any of this as you have failed to do over the last 1.5 years or so but you now have a chance as everyone is watching.

Retract your lies, denounce Techscum and apologize. Again, you instigated the defamation against me in the forum because of what is stated above and you were banned for getting out of emailed me with your insults, profanity, etc... and claim you're being censored? Get real.... the only thing I have done is defend myself and all these facts are public record on my site, in emails, in the archives, etc...

Again, email me like a grown up what your rebuttle is to the posts in the forum and I'll post it, but I will not approve your membership because you are not welcome to disrespect the community, period.

Aaron Murakami

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